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My argument is that Arsenal are better than Tottenham. Right now Arsenal are higher than Tottenham in the premier league and Tottenham have not finished in the top 5 since 2009


Of the 46 clubs to have completed since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, five have won the title: Manchester United (13), Arsenal (3), Chelsea (3), Manchester City (2) and Blackburn Rovers (1). This means that Tottenham haven’t won the premier league but arsenal have won it 3 times .

Arsenal have also won the F.A cup 11 times(soon to be 12) and 7 runner ups and Tottenham have only won it 7 times .

Arsenal have beaten Tottenham 42 times at their grounds but have lost 19 times and have had 21 draws . Arsenal scored 136 goals and Tottenham scored 91 goals over all matches at Arsenal’s ground . Out of 82 games.

Tottenham have beaten Arsenal 33 times at their grounds but have lost 26 times and have had 23 draws . Arsenal scored 123 goals and Tottenham scored 134 goals over all matches at Tottenham’s ground . Out of 82 games.

By this we can see Arsenal have won and overall of 68 games against Tottenham which have only won an overall of 52 games against Arsenal. Also Arsenal have scored and overall of 259 goals against Tottenham which have only scored and overall of 225 goals against Arsenal.

By all of this we can see that Arsenal are better that Tottenham by far .

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Reading Project no.1 and no.2

 1. The first book I’ve read is a fiction book by Ian Ogilvy called Measle and the Warthmonk . This book is about a child whose parents were killed and goes to live with his evil uncle . The only reason That the uncle takes Measele is because Measele will inherent lots of money , when his uncle manages to get to his money he shrinks Measle and puts him on a miniature city and Measle finds other people who have been shrink down and are turning to plastic but cures them with carrots and then goes on to try and escape . This books theme is Heroism because the story is following Measle and Measle is the hero of the story and finds his parents who he thought where dead but were frozen in stone .

2. The second book i have read is another fiction by James Rollins called Altar Of Eden . This book is about a woman called Lorna who finds animals that have been altered like conjoined monkeys and a python with legs and all creatures have high intelligence and she must find how they came to be like this . 

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Satire (classwork)

In Mark Twain’s advice to youth in his speech he u uses a lot of satire.

Irony : “Always obey your parents, when they are present” this is Irony because of what he’s actually saying. Mark is saying to be good around your parents and only when their parents are around.

Understatement:”But a lark is the best thing to get up with”. This is understatement because of how little he’s saying about something that sounds much bigger.

Hyperbole :”Many a young person has injured himself permanently through a single clumsy and I’ll finished lie. ” this is Hyperbole because he’s exaggerated what he’s saying.The word that makes it Hyperbole is permanently. It wouldn’t be permanently but maybe a long time.

-Jameel & Ramone

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Homework : Parse a sentence from your work :


The  – adj 

school’s – n

sports – n

hall – n

is –abbr  

amazing – adj

it – pron

has – n  

a – n

nice – adj

cool – n

breeze- n

going – n  

through – v


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Work : Satirical report of London Nautical school

Oxford report of school :

The London Nautical school is an amazing school it has amazing students and amazing teachers.  The students spend their free time in the dog yard but it’s actually called the playground. Often in the dog yard students help each other out with exercise by making them to do star jumps.

The teachers are always looking like they’re helping which is fantastic and a hard job to do .

Once a year the school go to a stadium to play sports (sports day) At sports day everybody has to do a sport although its called sports day and you think you’d get to play football or basketball or even rugby you get the choice of  running ,  jumping or throwing and after all that fun they clean the stadium that they where cleaning. 

The school’s  sports hall is amazing it has a nice cool breeze going through it as the doors are as thin as paper and the ceiling has holes in it for ventilation 

The school has amazing records like every day a fight is stopped . They have amazing teachers 1 teacher in every department does not get their room trashed at lunch. This school is one of a kind we have ks3 assembly and 1 time out of 10 students are listening it’s these statistics that make the what it is. 

Overall this is an outstanding school with amazing records , teachers and students .

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Romeo and Juliet , 20 words

                                                                             Word :  Meaning : Sentence

1. Quarrel : an angry argument or disagreement. :Their is no quarrel here sir .
2. Thou : archaic or dialect form of you , as the singular subject of a verb. : Thou is a good man sir .
3. Hinds : a female deer, especially a red deer or sika in and after the third year. : Their is a single hind there alone.
4. Abroach : in action or agitation : Are you in abroach sir ?
5. Pernicious : having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way. : I have no pernicious at all . 
6. Quench : satisfy (one’s thirst) by drinking. : I need to quench my thirst , pass me thy water.
7. Thy : archaic or dialect form of your. : Thy is kind.
8. Importune : harass (someone) persistently for or to do something. : I will importune you until the day you die. 
9. Adversary : one’s opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute. : You are a worthy adversary.
10. Withal : with (used at the end of a clause). : We sat with little to nourish ourselves withal but vile water.
11. Anon : Soon , shortly : I will be their anon .
12. Adieus : A Goodbye : She whispered a fond adieu .
13. Beseech : ask someone urgently and fervently to do or give something. : I do beseech thee to go .
14. Cease : come or bring to and end : Please cease  that .
15. Hist : used to attract attention or call for silence. : The class went silent as she hist at them .
16. Tis: it is : What tis ?
17. Dwell : in or at a specified place. : He dwelled at the house .
18. Cleft : split, divided, or partially divided into two. : I will cleft you two so theirs no more fighting.
19.  Antic : grotesque or bizarre. : You are very antic .
20. Lamentable : full of or expressing sorrow or grief. : Young Romeo was very lamentable . 
Their was a great quarrel between two great dorms at and old colleague that was cleft by a great man the Dean . There was two main people in this fray . A young man called Marshal and Capital had the dorms named after them because this was about them . While Marshal was often seen as a good dorm the Capitals where seen as a antic dorm .  Marshal was a very lamentable boy while Capital was a very abroach and he loved to importune people . The dean called hist to this because it was getting to be a big problem . Capital dwelled at his dorm and never left while Capital cause trouble . The fighting creased but their was still damage . Capital beseeched his dorm members to help him to get at Capital . Capital had a good friend who had said adieus to him for he was leaving . When leaving his friend said to him “Thy is a kind gentle man , wait what tis ? Are you planning a attack on the Marshal’s thou is not a good man!” and he left  . Marshal was called and but shouted out ill be their anon this was to get him out the dorm so the attack could happen . But marshall had a plan they were going to slaughter capitals hind . Marshal was going to quench his thirst in the capitals rich , secret wine as well but they had no idea that it was a pernicious wine this made marshal very week and ill . The capitals and marshal’s had both promised to not importune each other to the Dean but were about to break it with this promise they had to admit that their bot equal adversary’s and crease the fighting . Capital withal their might destroyed the marshal dorm .
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Romeo and Juliet act 1 , scene 1 re-write

This scene is set in a american collage the fight is between two dorms . 

Sam : Hey Greg !

Greg : Yeah Sam ?

Sam : Look its Garriel isn’t he in that dorm that egged us ?

Greg : Yeah , are you going to fight him because if you are i have your back .

Sam : Please ! You would probably turn and run not fight with me .

Greg : Never i’m not a coward , just because i’ve not fought because i dont want to get sent to the masters office doesn’t mean anything !

Sam : Calm down , now shut up and follow me .

Greg : Ok

Sam : Hey , You !

Gabriel : Me ? Who do you think you are shouting at me !

Sam : Gabe if i say i think i’m Samuel will i get in trouble if we fight ?

Greg : Yes

Sam : I’m not shouting at you my voice is just … loud .

Gabriel : *Walks up to Sam with Vincent * What do you want ?

Sam : Are you in the Capital dorm ?

Gabriel : Yes , why wait now i know you your in the Marshall dorm . 

Sam : Yes i am , you’r dorm egged ours and we want an apology

Gabriel : No , now move unless you want to fight .

Greg : You will apologize or my fist will be stuck in your face !

Sam : Greg!

Gabriel : *Throws punch*


Benny : Stop idiots or the Dean will catch you !


*Tyler comes in*

Tyler : What is this a Marshall and a Capital fighting and the Marshall not laid down on the floor with a pool of blood ?

Benny : Help me stop them and we can forget and not reignite a old argument between us that will eventually hurt and destroy one of our best men . < Foreshadowing

Tyler  : You talk of peace yet you seem to be holding back only a Capital not a Marshall .

Benny : Thats because … *Gets cut off by Tyler*

Tyler : Be quiet ! I hate the word peace because a Marshall has none ,  you start a argument that you now cant finish but still cause us anger and blames us as the devils .

Benny : We didn’t start that argument a arrogant , self centred fool , also known as a Capital started it .

Tyler : We will fight ready yourself .

*Gabe , Sam , Greg and Vincent sneak off *

Benny : No i spoke of peace and i’ll keep it unlike you mercyless fool .

Tyler : *Punches in the face * Fine then , keep the peace but i won’t

*They fight*

Dean : What is this ! a Marshall and a Capital fighting ? Not anymore!

*They stop *

Dean : You to will never fight again or both your dorms will pay , Now be gone!

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The storm seller was shaking lights blinking on and off

I listen closely distant screams could be heard it felt like the end off the world , houses soaring through the air , birds pinned under cars .

I looked around me I saw a bare metal room with no heating and darkness on and off .

I heard my house strip off the ground above me I felt scared and alone.
It suddenly went cold I shivered I looked for a blanket , I found one I grabbed it up but suddenly i saw a rat bigger than a spider but smaller than a mouse but then it was gone then the shelf fell .

The storm seller flew in the giant angry vortex of wind , cold tears feel down my cheeks and I looked straight into the hurricane .


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